Thursday, December 16, 2010

Coffee is cheap?

PattiStanger.jpgMillionaire Matchmaker = my current favorite TV show. I just can't get enough of Patti Stanger and her blunt-bitchy comments. She makes me laugh every time. And what a great combo this show has with Patti's wit + creepy weirdo millionaires who don't have social skills. To me, it's a recipe for a reality TV love story.

What do ya think about this Patti quote? "Coffee is cheap, drinks are an audition, lunch is an interview, and dinner is romance." 

Let me tell ya what I think.
~Coffee is really good for a first date. I don't agree with Patti here that coffee is cheap. Don't commit to a full length dinner or date until you've had coffee with that person. What if within the first ten minutes you realize that you're dying to go home and get away from this person? Well, if you're at dinner, you're stuck. You have another hour and a half minimum to smile and make small talk. Go to coffee first. If you find that the two of you are chatting for a while and you seem to like them, then dinner should be fun.
~Drinks are alright. If you pass the audition, the date can kind of go anywhere. You can decide to end it after drinks, or someone can come up with an idea for something else to do next. Be careful that neither of you drinks too much though- and Patti does have a two drink maximum at her millionaire's club. Good idea.
~Lunch takes a little bit of the pressure off and does allow for that awkward dating interview process. Really though, ick.
~Dinner has the potential to have romance. But honestly, I think that comes later on. What first or second date at dinner is romantic? Dinner is usually super awkward and nerve wrecking.

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