Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Weekday boredom

Some people love them, some people hate them.
Some people say they could never ever have a routine life.
But isn't it true that most people settle into a comfort level with some sort of routine?

Let's face it. Most people in America get up, go to work, come home, cook dinner, check email, watch tv, hang out with friends or significant other if lucky enough to do so, and go to bed.

imgres.jpgIs that a bad thing? 

I don't think so.  I think it can be a great thing. Sure, if you get a little bored sometimes, that's ok, that's normal. Throw in something new here and there. Go for a drive somewhere special during the week. Plan a dinner out or a mini-trip somewhere special. But a routine can actually be nice. It can be comforting. What's wrong with the stability of a routine?

My fear in having a routine would not be of a life without adventures. I could always add those in; I like doing new things. My fear in having a routine would be that a partner would bore of it. What if they wake up one day and can't stand a routine? Or, would it just be their fault for not accepting that a routine is essentially part of life?

I found a website with tons and tons of comments from random people on this topic. Check it out to see what these people say they are doing at night. Here

On this topic, I'm sure you've noticed yourself saying during the week, "What is there to do? There's not even anywhere to go." But really, you just need to remember the simple things in order to have things to do during the week.

Weekday activities you can do:
  • Go to the movie theater. You can do this by yourself. I suggest going to a movie that didn't just come out that week. This way, you can avoid packed theaters where you're more likely to focus on the fact that you're there by yourself. A less popular theater causes less stress and lets you just enjoy the movie. You can totally get into the movie now.
  • Go to trivia. This is a great mid-week activity that doesn't run too late, therefore allowing for enough sleep before work the next day. Yet, it's still something fun that you can do with a friend or a group, especially when you're not sure what to do but you want to get out of the house.
Activities to avoid when you have no company for the night:
  • Don't work out. Sure, a Friday night alone can seem depressing and you may want to do anything to fill it and keep yourself busy. But don't do this! No matter how much you might feel you are accomplishing or occupying yourself with, I promise that at some point during your work out you will feel sad. Ever walk by a gym at night, look in at the people, and think 'Wow, they must be lonely' or 'I feel bad, that guy is kind of a loser' ?? 
  • Housekeeping. Yea, you might want to get ahead of some laundry or cleaning, but it's a bad idea. Once you finish up and realize you still have hours left in the night, you'll just feel more lonely.

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