Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Movie Review: Love & Other Drugs

Tee-oh-tall-ey totalllyy disappointed.
When I saw that Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway were going to be in a movie together, I was super excited. What's not to love? Jake has been the cutest white boy around since his Donnie Darko days, and Anne is just altogether like-able. I figured it'd be an A+ for me, someone who loves girly movies with cheesy plots.

But that really didn't help. Am I the only person who hates when a movie is flooded with sex scenes? Is the story that bad that we need Jake's chiseled body and Anne's bare breasts shoved in our faces in order to keep our attention? The sex between them was almost constant and I quickly found myself not even enjoying the movie. Like, um, hellooo I think I may have understood that they were into each other without all the sex scenes.

The acting was fine, but I have to say that Jake Gyllenhaal has lost his boyish smirk that grasped hold of me in my teen years. What happened, Jake? You're supposed to stay cute forever! Plus, his obnoxious character in the movie never won me over despite his weaknesses. I blame poor writing.

The story itself had good intentions of opening our eyes to the life of someone who has a daily struggle due to a disease, someone who doesn't want to put too must trust or responsibility on another person due to said disease- good thinking points for a well written movie. But it came across as too contrived or something. I wanted to feel bad for Anne's character, to feel compassion for their relationship, but I kind of didn't care.

Boo. C+. Ok, maybe I can give it a B. I'm just disappointed.

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